Robo-Shark Is Not the Title of a B Movie

Nature is the greatest innovator in history, so emulating what she has learned over the millennia is a good idea.

Robosea is taking a note from Nature and copying her design for an underwater explorer. The Robo-Shark copies a real shark, using the same motion that this underwater predator uses to close in on its prey. The bionic underwater robot uses a three-joint caudal fin instead of a propeller, which allows the Robo-Shark to move with both high speed and low noise.

Robo-Shark grey computer render

This ability allows the robot to close in on its subject rapidly without startling it. And because the motion is a natural motion, the power usage is greatly reduced.

To further dampen any noise, Robo-Shark is made of a sound-absorbing material.

Robo-Shark image with measurements

The robot measures two meters in length and weighs in at over 60kg. Despite the size, the Robo-Shark has a wind and wave resistant rating of four. Using an onboard omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system, the robot can safely move around automatically in the water. Robo-Shark can be outfitted with a number of different accessories to gather data, including a camera for recording underwater life.

With a two-hour battery life and the ability to travel to 300 metres below the surface, there are few places this robot can’t go.

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