Robocop May Not be Far off Thanks to The Audi Patrone Police Drone

The Audi Patrone Police Drone, designed by Jin-jung Young, is venturing into the future of law enforcement. Other companies, like Amazon, have been toying with the idea of drones delivering packages. Meanwhile, Audi is exploring what drones could do for police work.

The idea is to be able to simultaneously increase patrolling and safety for both officers and civilians. An onboard camera provides a view of the world, and allows officers to control the drone via virtual reality, thus allowing a police presence without actually having police in an area. The drone has a more aerodynamic body than the competition, which is said to promote stability. It also uses a mix of propellers and jet propulsion. The drone could be used for crime prevention as well as in emergency situations. It can also provide different insights into the activities of the community and civilians at large.

While the idea is interesting, and has captured the imaginations of sci-fi enthusiasts and futurists, it does raise some pretty interesting legal and ethical questions. If the use of drones in law enforcement does pan out, the Audi Patrone Police Drone will be perfectly positioned to rule the heap.

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