Soar Through the Skies in The Lazzarini Design Hover Coupe

Ever since futurists have been predicting what comes next, we’ve been hearing about flying cars. Lazzarini Design, a 3D studio and futuristic innovator, has produced a two-minute video of what that might look like.

lazzarini design hover coupe at sky

The hover coupe has four oscillating propellers, that sit on protruding oblong vents, allowing for upward flight and locomotion. The hovering vehicle sports a four-seat design with two captain’s chairs and a rear bench, encapsulated in a bulbous glass egg and sat atop a chassis that reminds of something elegant like a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley. At the rear of the bird, there are neon tail-lights similar to what you might see on a Lamborghini. We also get to see, that the hover coupe sports two suicide doors that open vertically displaying the beige interior.

lazzarini design hover coupe bottom

As the video continues, the coupe takes to the streets, and then the skies, soaring through a 3D generated metropolis of some sort, flying between buildings and up into the clouds.

The video ends on a quote, “Think about the future, never forget the past.”

Check it out

lazzarini design hover coupe front

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