Virgin Australia Launches Nervous Flyers Program

Take your nerves out of your purse and leave them at home. And leave the purse at home too. You’re a grown man. That baby in the back row is crying less than you are.

There’re all sorts of things you can do to help yourself relax when it comes time to fly. You can go Jordan Belfort style and sedate yourself to safety. Or you can read up on how you’re more likely to be kicked to your death by a donkey. Or you can join Virgin Australia’s new program and let them take care of you for you.

Virgin Australia’s Nervous Flyers Program is for anyone that experiences overwhelming nervousness when flying, and is available on all Virgin Australia operated flights. You can let them know about your leg-shaking, finger tapping tendencies when you’re making your booking, or you can add it in afterwards.

A week before you travel Virgin will send you an email with a bunch of info about inflight wellness and how safe their technical operations are. Then on the day of your flight, they’ll shoot you a text. And then, you may get a mid-flight check-in from an elegant air-hostess. It could also be Travis who says g’day, with a pillow-top six-pack a little too close for your comfort.

Either way, you’ll be distracted for a moment.

If you do get nervous about flying, or, so we’re clear, nervous about the possibility of plummeting 35,000 feet into the ocean (it’s the shark-ey bit, too), at night, during monsoon season, a long way from help – you’re not alone. There’s that baby up the back too, plus another 10 per cent of flyers who experience high levels of nervousness when travelling.

There’s a bunch of useful tips and techniques available online for managing nerves, dealing with turbulence, and coordinating connecting flights – which Virgin says is the second highest cause of nervousness amongst guests.

Bon voyage. Enjoy your flight.