World’s Fastest Jet Suit is Just the Beginning

Gravity has been working to put together a jet suit that will finally allow comic books and sci-fi to become a reality. Richard Browning, the CEO and chief test pilot of Gravity, has been working on the project for over two years. While they have achieved flight, and have even set record speeds, they still face many challenges. Most important of those challenges is safety. While heat and fire aren’t major concerns, falling still is. A ten-foot drop still causes damage whether you’re wearing a jet suit or not. Additionally, fuel consumption is a challenge. The current suit uses diesel or jet fuel, but consumes it at a rate of about one gallon per minute.

Still, those challenges haven’t stopped Gravity. They’re currently offering suits for sale—if you have a spare $400,000. As innovation happens, Browning sees the day when jet suits might become commonplace. Gravity is also looking into creating a racing circuit for the suits. The hope is that the competition will lead to more innovation, and thus greater advances. One such advance might be an electric suit, which would solve the problem of fuel capacity.

Marvel comics may still be the only place where you’ll find a flying suit, but Gravity is getting closer to giving everyone the gift of flight.

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