The Future of Commuting – Immotor Go Electric Scooter

The field of personal transportation is growing right now and will continue. Daniel Huang’s startup, Inmotor created a scooter that can be controlled at a rider’s fingertips via a smartphone. And the smartphone is also used as a key with fingerprint authentication required for battery removal, data connection with GPS and the ability to let others borrow through the companion app.

immotor go electric scooter top

It is powered through the Super Battery, which is a modular 99-watt cylindrical metal battery. A custom battery management system optimises the energy efficiency by detecting the amount of power required by the device. When the battery’s removed from the scooter, it automatically cuts off the flow of electricity, and if users have spares on-the-go, it works in parallel to extend battery power or provide additional power for more demanding rides. It’s a truly customisable scooter where it has a USB port in the handlebar and buttons to take photos and videos with a smartphone camera. There are three modes that are designed for specific uses; the Rider mode is for everyday commuting, the Power Assist where the scooter becomes a tow truck and there’s a Folded mode where it folds the scooter to provide portability.

immotor go electric scooter on the road