The Future of Electric Two Wheeled Machines – Sinister Electric Cafe Racer Concept

As stated in the title, this retro-futuristic two-wheeled concept portrays the future of electric motorcycles. Created by the multi-talented Michael Cohen, who is an industrial designer, illustrator and digital artist by trade. The most unique feature among this quirky design are the multi-LED flaming headlights that almost look like eyes. It sits on studded tires that look like they can tackle any terrain.

future of electric motorcycles headlight

Along with the translucent covering of the frame and components gives this mean looking machine an aesthetic finish. This Sinister Electric Café Racer definitely gives off that menacing look that fits perfectly for a villain in a movie. We have reviewed a fair few customised motorcycles at Man of Many, but this by far the most badass looking one of the bunch.

future of electric motorcycles front

The fact that it incorporates contemporary design and movement towards an electric-powered motor, this two-wheeled blueprint may be giving us a preview of the future of the motorcycle.

Check it out

future of electric motorcycles demo