Fyxation Bicycle Company Launch Milwaukee Flag Bike

Milwaukee, more like Milriding! Bad puns aside, Fyxation Bicycle Company has launched a bike inspired by the new Milwaukee flag. The flag came after a city-wide initiative to design a new symbol for the city. The strength of the chosen design “Sunrise Over the Lake” is that it looks forward to a new day; symbolised by the sun rising over Lake Michigan.

fyxation flag of milwaukee

The two brothers who founded Fyxation Bicycle Company were drawn to this design and made the decision to support the flag initiative with a truly unique custom bike. The bike flaunts the vibrant colours of the new Milwaukee flag while the lake and sky are separated by three blue stripes representing Milwaukee’s three rivers and three founders. The entire flag is distinctly featured below the seat, and if you look closely below the chain Fyxation proudly replaced their by-line Designed in Milwaukee (which appears on all other original bike designs) with Designed for Milwaukee. This custom bike will be rotate through different venues over the course of 2017.

Check it out

fyxation milwaukee flag bike full view

fyxation milwaukee flag bike frame color

fyxation milwaukee bike front wheel and frame color

fyxation milwaukee bike wheel spoke and chain

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