Get Your Head Right – Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet

We here at Man of Many have provided you with many crazy and cool two-wheeled rides in the past. Well, we always thought to recommend an equally crazy and cool to compliment this. Thanks to the guys at HJC Helmets, our want has been satisfied. The Boba Fett is the most advanced helmet you will ever have on your head. It is made out of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric to create an aerodynamic shell that is strong and lighter. There is also an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) to ensure you don’t become breathless as you ride. An enlarged eye port provides an increased view, while there is an optically-superior anti-fog lens prepared2D flat-racing shield.

boba fett motorcycle helmet front

I believe when you get something cool, you need the whole kit and caboodle to ensure you have maximum enjoyment. And this applies to the two-wheeled thrill seekers out there. Get yourself fitted with a helmet from Boba Fett and ride your beloved Harley in comfort and style.

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