Get The Hell Into Dodge

Dear Dodge,

I write to you from Sydney, Australia, telling you it’s time to get your act together. Seriously, enough is enough. If you’re going to import your wares to this country, it’s about time you started giving us access to the rest of the range.

dodge car side view

While the current offering making its way to our shores is the Journey (albeit a perfectly acceptable SUV), we’re feeling a bit like the red-headed step child of a very rich family, left to smile awkwardly at the Xmas table opening our gift voucher while our step-siblings smile in glee with their new ponies, cars, laptops and whatever else it is that rich folk give their offspring.

dodge car bumpers

Sure, the Journey is a fine vehicle, but you’re Dodge, and we’re ready to give one of your other legendary rides a go. My case in point is the new 2017 Challenger. Not only does it look like a real Challenger, its range of HEMI V8 engines churning out between 375 and 485 horses of all-American power are exactly what our fair country needs on its roads. The sleek-yet-menacing front with its tucked-under-the bonnet headlights peeping out at the real world from underneath those little pin things that race cars have to stop the bonnet from flying off mid-sprint. Brilliant. And those matte black racing stripes – classy.

dodge car steering

Furthermore, the number of optional add-ons and extras puts anything else we have down here to shame in a way that only an American car can, and I feel that a foray into the muscle car market in Oz would prove fortuitous for your company. So hurry up.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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dodge car silencer