Get the Most out of your Truck with Bedslide Classic 4X4 Drawers

You bought a truck to use it, but loading and unloading the bed can be a hassle. The Bedslide Classic 4X4 drawers take that hassle out of the equation. Much like the drawers on your kitchen cabinet, Bedslide gives you access to the farthest reaches of your truck’s bed. The system is pretty basic in its functionality. The bedslide is essentially a platform that has been put onto giant drawer slides.

bedslide hanging out of truck drawer

The unit is secured into your truck bed and then with a simple tug, you can pull that platform out. The platform extends out seventy per cent of the way, giving you full reach. You can load up the platform with up to 1,000 pounds evenly distributed. In effect, your truck becomes a ½ ton mobile drawer. Bedslide is available in silver or black. It also comes with BEDTRAX T-slots so that you can organize and attach any sports rack.

bedslide car drawers classic

There’s no sense in crawling around in the back of your bed to get at the stuff you’re hauling. Why not install a Bedslide and have your cargo come to you?

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