GoBoat or Go Home

The GoBoat was conceived after its founder, Dave Yonce, looked down from a plane window and saw something spectacular: water. Lots and lots of water. Lakes. Rivers. Ponds. Water everywhere. A seed was planted in Dave’s mind: what if he could create a mechanized rubber boat for him and his friends to play “bumper boats” with? Soon enough, “what if” became “done and done”, and Dave and his friends were playing demolition derby in the nearest body of water using the same boat he had brainstormed on the plane. Their bumper battle was such an astounding success that Dave dedicated the next 8 years to designing a hassle-free watercraft that they could take to market for everyone to use. At last that work is paying off and the patented GoBoat is ready to make a big splash.

goboat user

The essence of the GoBoat is convenience, fun and function. Utilizing light, durable materials the GoBoat is virtually effortless to put together and it weighs less than your average carry-on luggage. It’s also mobile enough that you can throw it in the trunk of your car and launch it from the shore, a dock, or even a bigger boat. Lastly, it’s compatible with a trolling motor (purchased separately) so in some ways it’s like the combination of a raft and a low-powered motorboat.

Fisherman, duck hunters, and water enthusiasts alike can find a function for the GoBoat. It can be used to explore hard-to-reach areas of the pond or lake without disturbing the fish or ducks because it’s so quiet. And of course it makes for the perfect bumper boat as well, duly fulfilling Dave’s original vision all those years ago. The GoBoat is a product that basically guarantees your trip to the pond or lake will never be boring again.

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