Greyp – Electric Bike

If you are tired of arriving at work sweaty and generally a bit of a state from your cycle in then the Greyp Electric Bike might be the ideal hybrid for you. The brain child of the team behind the fastest ever electric car the Rimac Automobili Concept_One, the Greyp is not your average electrical bike. A virtual smorgasbord of technology, the Greyp is a seriously impressive bit of kit. Here are the basics; the state of the art battery pack can be charged from 0-100% in 80 minutes from a standard 220v outlet and will give the user an approximate distance of 120km in one charge. The finger print activation systems means you will never need a set of keys, whilst the LCD display keeps your informed about your speed, consumption and how your potential range could be affected. This is not just a road bike either; the chassis and suspension is made for off-road fun and can withstand the roughest terrain and down-hill rides. First units are expected to be delivered in early 2014.
€6,000 EUR