Heard the Buzz About Volkswagen’s New Concept Car?

It’s called the I.D. Buzz; it’s fully electric and is Volkswagen’s futuristic revival of the iconic Microbus. Futuristic because it’s only a concept, with Volkswagen aiming to enter the electric market by 2020. The concept was unveiled after months of speculation at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The I.D. Buzz concept can travel up to 430km on a single charge, powered by a pair of electric motors providing an impressive 369 horsepower. The term futuristic comes into play again when you consider the augmented reality dashboard that overlays information on the windscreen, plus the Buzz features a fully autonomous driving mode, so the driver won’t even need to lift a finger, after activating autonomous mode that is.

volkswagen car side view

The concept unveiled in Detroit can reach 100km/h in about 5 seconds. A fold out table built in the rear creates the impression that the Buzz would be perfect for a couple or family road trip, that is if the vehicle ever hits the road. If it does, the I.D. Buzz may not feature the entire range of tech described in the concept. If nothing else, the I.D. Buzz proves that with Volkswagen, anything can happen.

Check it out

volkswagen car in the sunlight

inside view of volkswagen car

seats of volkswagen car

steering of volkswagen car

display of volkswagen car

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