Heavy Metal – Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series

Bentley has always been a name synonymous with a certain type of old school opulence, each car a metaphorical big stick that does all the talking so the driver can remain an individual of few choice words. And while the luxury carmaker might be making changes here and there to accommodate the demands of the 21st century, a palpable alpha style presence duly endures. For evidence of the fact, look no further than the recently unveiled Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner. Crafted by Bentley’s in-house commissioning division, available in choice of silver or gold and limited to 50 units worldwide, the ride is quite simply a force to be reckoned with.

logo of bentley mulsanne hallmark series

Mulliner spared no detail, material or expense when designing this masterful behemoth that made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Woven within its framework and every detail–from the ‘Flying B’ mascot to the hide lining in the storage compartments to the veneer inlay–is enough precious metal to lure a prospector and his trusty pick away from the nearest treacherous mountain terrain. Naturally, that same prospector might find such an endeavour equally treacherous when confronted with some billionaire’s personal bodyguard or high-end security system.

rear of bentley mulsanne hallmark series

Both Hallmark Series models employ single or duo-tone paint finishes as well as polished alloy wheels that in and of themselves will surely intimidate. On the inside is a bevy of bespoke colours, matching quilted patterns, premium hides and of course precious metals. On the fascia is a silver or gold overlay and an inscription of the word ‘Mulliner’, while on the illuminated treadplates is the word ‘Hallmark’ along with numbered, stainless steel plaques. If you’re an individual who lets his possessions do most of the talking, you can’t do much better than the Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner.

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interior design of bentley mulsanne hallmark

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