Hit All Green Lights with Orion Cycling Navigation

Industrial designer Clément Dauchy enjoys riding his bike to work in San Francisco. The only downside is all of the red lights that he gets stuck at quite often. He made it a challenge to try to hit all green lights on his commute each morning. It became a sort of game for him. Could he make all green lights? To make things easier, Dauchy decided to design a navigation system that could anticipate the colour of the stoplights before he even arrived at them.

new orion cycling navigation stop light

Dauchy recently released his design, called the Orion Navigation System, on B?hance because he believes that he can’t be the only cyclist around that yearns for all green lights. Dauchy’s creation allows cyclists to ride around the urban streets more efficiently. Although this unique navigation system does help cyclists time stop lights, it provides lots more valuable information than just the colour of upcoming lights.

new orion cycling navigation handle stop light

The Orion Cycling Navigation system connects to Bluetooth via your smartphone. It displays lots of useful information for cyclists right on a LED disc-shaped ring. The ring attaches to the handlebars of your bike. This system displays your current speed and incline. It even provides satellite navigation of your route thanks to Google Maps integration. Most importantly, the Orion system provides distance to your next stop light and how long you have before it changes colours.

new orion cycling navigation handle stop light feature

The good new is that if you yearn to breeze through every traffic light, this handy device will let you do just that. So, what is the bad news? This device is currently just a concept. Hopefully one of the big navigation companies like Garmin will take notice of this handy navigation system. Imagine how convenient, not to mention fun, it would be to breeze through every stop light without the slightest bit of hesitation.

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