Honda Mean Mower V2 Can Top Speeds of 150 mph…and Mow Your Lawn

Like something out of a homeowner’s wildest fantasies, the Honda Mean Mower V2 is fitted with a 189-hp engine, capable of going over 150 mph, and apparently still good for cutting grass. Naturally, that made the super-powered lawnmower a standout at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now let’s get this baby approved for domestic use! Who’s with us?! Anyone? Hello?

honda mean mower v2 racing

Honda’s idiosyncratic machine is a follow up to the first Mean Mower, which broke records back in 2014. However, the original Mean Mower was topped by a team of Norwegians, who put a Corvette V8 engine under the skin of a Viking T5 mower. Now, Honda (and partner Team Dynamics) is back to reclaim its status as the meanest mower in the game, with this V2 variant and its SP1 Fireblade engine.

honda mean mower v2 lawn

To be clear, this makeshift-go-kart-on-steroids cannot simultaneously cruise at 150 mph while trimming the lawn. Nevertheless, Honda estimates that the lawnmower can cut grass at a speed of 50 mph, which is still quite formidable. Accordingly, the Mean Mower V2 was happy to cut the grass before hitting the track at Goodwill. Form and function may never be the same.

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