Hoversurf Hoverbike Looks Dangerously Awesome

The Hoversurf Hoverbike demonstrates that the days of manned hovercraft is finally here. Hoversurf has opened up for orders on its Scorpion-3 hoverbike. Essentially, the Scorpion-3 is an electric quadcopter that’s big enough for you to sit on. If you’re having trouble visualizing it, think of a motorcycle minus the wheels. Instead, there are a pair of propellers that overlap each other in the front and a second pair that overlap each other in the back. There’s a small gap between the two pairs where you enter and exit the bike and where your legs will be. The bike is controlled with two joysticks.

hoverbike robot on the ground

The hoverbike is a single seat, altitude limited, vertical takeoff vehicle. While intended for “amateur and professional navigators” it might end up being more of the extreme personalities that gravitate toward it. The biggest concern of the hoverbike is the open propellers, which look dangerously close to your legs while they are spinning. The company has addressed safety concerns, first with custom software that limits its range and velocity.

The bike is made of carbon fibre, and has a range of thirteen miles with a top speed of around forty miles per hour. Charge time is a minimal two and a half hours. You won’t need special licensing—the hoverbike qualifies as an ultralight under FAA rules, but you will want some training. HoverSurf is now accepting orders; you’ll need a USD$10,000 deposit.

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