Hummingbird Bike

The Hummingbird Bike Company has just released their aptly titled “Hummingbird Bike” and it makes some bold claims that seem to be backed up by the facts. The Hummingbird Bike is a folding bike, one of many to hit the market recently. It seems like people are finally realizing the utility of these types of bikes – they are fast, they are efficient and they save you a ton of money compared to taking a car or public transport. And the folding mechanism is an understated yet useful one, allowing you to fit your bike into small places or hang it from a rack. The best part about the Hummingbird? It weighs only 6.5 kilogams, or about 14 pounds.

The secret to this lightness is in its construction. Made of sleek carbon fiber, which is three times lighter than alloy, the material also is effective at shock absorption compared to other comparables.British-made, the manufacturing process uses a range of impressive technologies, including rapid prototyping 3D printers and CAM machines used by the automotive industry. The Hummingbird will be quality tested under the ISO 4210 test to ensure that it’s safe to ride on all roads. The bike will can be found on Kickstarter now with two options and four colors: 16″ wheels or 20″ wheels, and yellow, red, black and raw carbon fiber.

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