Introducing 3-Eleven, The Quickest Production Lotus Road Car Ever

Lotus has announced the production of its latest street-legal, born-to-race road car, the 3-eleven. While it is built around the premise that less is more, Lotus appreciates that we have certain expectations from a company that traditionally engineered track cars, and therefore expect more of certain things. In the case of the 3-eleven we have been granted the gift of greater speeds. The road variation clocks a top speed of 290km/h making it the fastest production road car to date. Everything else is essentially exactly what you’d expect from Lotus, picture the Exige S with an open canopy. While, in the case of the 3-eleven, less may be more, it seems counterintuitive to design a British car without a roof.

lotus road car ever back

lotus road car ever open roof

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