Jaguar’s 2017 F-Type SVR is One Fast Car

Jaguar recently confirmed the existence of the F-Type SVR model coupe that features an uprated 575 horsepower engine and a series of reconfigured mechanics to improve response and performance. Jaguar has claimed that the SVR is their most powerful F-Type model yet. Its 5.0 – litre V8 twin vortex supercharger provides the extra power needed to propel the Jag from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. The car will have a top speed of 321km/h and the convertible model is not far behind with a top speed of 312km/h.

men drive jaguar 2017 f type svr

The SVR is fitted with a series of innovative lightweight parts that are exclusive to this F-Type. The titanium exhaust system, striking 20 inch forged alloy wheels, redesigned rear suspension knuckle and optional carbon ceramic brakes shave a massive 43kg off the total weight of the car. This reduction in weight contributes to more rapid acceleration and agile handling. Jaguar’s all-wheel drive technology ensures maximum traction while reaching those top speeds.

inside view of jaguar f type svr

A wider, more elevated wing offers less drag and higher levels of downforce. The underfloor and rear diffusers reduce drag, manage air flow and improve overall stability. The interior features quilted ultra-modern seats that create a sense of both performance and total luxury. The SVR will be the top of the line F-Type when it hits the market.

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rear view of jaguar f type svr

silencer of jaguar f type svr