Jet Ski Couture – The Mansory Black Marlin Jet Ski

We won’t beat around the bush–Mansory is a company that makes cool things for rich people. They’re known mostly as a provider of modifications for the kind of luxury cars that top your list of planned purchases after you make your first million. However, every now and then Mansory dip its toes in the waters of custom bikes and other fun toys for wealthy adults and their soon-to-released offering, the Black Marlin Jet Ski, certainly qualifies as something a thrill-seeking millionaire will absolutely adore.

mansory black marlin jet ski luxury feature

Since Mansory is at heart a modifications company, the Black Marlin is basically a pimped out version of the wildly popular Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS Jet Ski. To help give the Marlin its own premium edge, Mansory employed the use of carbon fibre, a durable, light material that helped shed more than a few pounds off the vehicle’s weight. The Marlin is also equipped with newly designed, hand-crafted seats made of sea-water resistant artificial leather. Think sleek. Think light.

mansory black marlin jet ski light

Think fast. That’s the vibe we get from the Black Marlin. It’s the kind of jet ski that will make others simply stop in their tracks out of both wonderment and intimidation. Mansory is finishing up testing on Rotax engine with a conversion of up to 550 hp and soon after they’ll bring this $62,000 baby to market. Should you be able to afford it, feel free to invite some friends along for the ride since the Marlin can fit up to 3 people. Or just go it alone–you didn’t get this rich by sharing after all.

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