Kawasaki Vulcan ‘Dethgrip’ by ICON 1000 Is One Fearsome Ride

Custom motorcycle builder ICON 1000 has always pushed the envelope when it comes to custom motorcycle designs. It looks like they pioneered once again with their new ride, the Dethgrip. This bike is based on Kawasaki’s entry-level cruiser—the Vulcan 650 S. It is apparent that guys at ICON 1000 spent countless hours engineering the Kawasaki into a very different, yet much more formidable machine.

Kawasaki challenged the ICON 1000 team to do the build. It seems that the team at ICON 1000 cannot resist a challenge. So, they took the tame Vulcan 650-S and transformed it into something that looks nothing like the original Vulcan 650-S. When Kawasaki commissioned the ride, they were adamant that the tank not is modified in any way.

kawasaki vulcan icon 1000 motorcycle fuel tank

Therefore, ICON 1000 replaced all of the Vulcan’s original bodywork except for the fuel tank. The new bodywork, handmade from sheet metal, gives the bike a completely fresh look. The ICON 1000 team devised an all-new springer front fork, designed from 650 Ninja swingarm components, to replace the traditional telescopic forks on the Kawasaki. This had to be quite an undertaking. PIAA LED driving lights were mounted in custom housings. Adjustable Nitron shocks in the front and rear were added to the bike to meet the performance needs.

kawasaki vulcan icon 1000 motorcycle high speed

The Dethgrip rides on 19-inch Harley Davidson flat-track racing wheels. The wheels are wrapped with Maxxis DTR-1 tires. Akrapovi? mufflers were added along with adjustments to the brakes.

Kudos to ICON 1000 for designing one hell of a bike. It looks like it would be massive fun.

Check it out

kawasaki vulcan icon 1000 motorcycle handlebar

kawasaki vulcan icon 1000 motorcycle rider

kawasaki vulcan icon 1000 motorcycle wheel

kawasaki vulcan icon 1000 motorcycle backlight

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