Kuschall Superstar Wheelchair Un-limits the World

The Kuschall Superstar Wheelchair is redefining what can be expected of a wheelchair. For too long, wheelchairs have remained basically the same, which means the limitations of those chairs haven’t been addressed. Kuschall is changing that. Partnering with Formula 1 manufacturers, Kuschall’s Superstar is an innovative approach that is delivering an unprecedented product.

kuschall superstar wheelchair side view

The Superstar is made of Graphene—an ultra-light material used in the aerospace industry. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and ten times tougher than a diamond, yet still maintains flexibility. The material also has a high mechanical resistance and is very durable.

kuschall superstar wheelchair foot place

To prevent upper extremity injury—something that happens to fifty to seventy per cent of wheelchair users after ten to fifteen years of use—the Superstar has been designed to enhance direct drive. The wheels can also be positioned closer to the person in the chair, thus increasing propelling efficiency and reducing the risk of injury. The seat is tailor-made made to help provide correct posture, which also contributes to performance. All told, Superstar has a ninety-eight per cent propelling efficiency.

kuschall wheelchair front

Superstar can be customized in any color and adapted to any user, and will change lives dramatically.

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