Land Rover Project Hero

The drone market has flown up in the last few years with its innovative and functional features. Land Rover have created a Discovery vehicle equipped with a drone that can remotely scan landscapes after earthquakes and avalanches. Labelled as the Project Hero, Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team paired up with the Austrian Red Cross to create a vehicle for search and rescue operations.

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This Land Rover Discovery SUV features a roof-mounted drone and landing system, which allows the drone to land on the vehicle while it’s moving. When in the air, the drone can transmit live footage to the Red Cross’ emergency response teams, helping them respond quicker to natural disasters, where maps are often redundant. The vehicle will also have a sliding floor in the rear, which can be deployed as additional LED lighting to aid night vision. This vehicle was introduced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and will be based at the Austrian Red Cross training centre to be tested for 12 months from June 2017.

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