Let’s Ride Together with Zwift

Indoor cycling will never be the same. With Zwift, users will be in a simulated social environment riding with or against each other. It is aimed to keep cyclists entertained during their indoor training sessions. Be sure to have an electronically-controlled stationary trainer, laptop and an ANT+ adaptor. The latter allows you to connect your laptop and Zwift to other devices such as cadence sensors, heart rate monitors and power meters.

With the ability to have an avatar that required levels to be unlocked as you play, it can be interpreted as a game. However, it’s not a ‘game’, it’s more an exciting way to train.

The app also acts as a personal trainer as it provides motivation through giving rewards to riders. For every kilometre, riders are given 20 experience points, which can be used to customise your avatar. At the start of each lap, riders will be given a power-up, which gives them a boost for 15 seconds that includes reducing their weight to make it easier to climb and increasing the draft provided by other riders that the user is slipstreaming. As riders collect their points, it provides a sense of satisfaction as they progress through levels. Join the Zwift world and go for a ride.

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