Listen and Ride with the Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike

There’s no need for earphones or headphones when you’re riding your bike anymore. Up and coming Slovenian luxury bike company Noordung uniquely specialises in connecting bike riding and music, and thanks to them your tunes can go through a set of built-in speakers while your rollin’ in your ride.

noordung angel electric bike trunk

The Angel Edition incorporates a multi-functional removal battery pack that has a set of speakers that can play your favourite tunes for up to 100 hours. It also includes two USB ports for riders to charge their devices, and two air quality sensors that analyse the air around riders to suggest the cleanest bike routes.

noordung angel electric bike side

It is constructed of leather and a super lightweight black carbon fibre frame, and runs on an award winning ultralight electric motor that powers through 30km per charge. This is a pre-production run, hence there are only 15 of these available. So reach deep into those pockets and get yourself one of the most innovative products in the today’s market.

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noordung angel electric bike body

noordung angel electric bike handle

noordung angel electric bike top