LITELOK: Lightweight, Flexible and Super Secure Bike Lock

The year is still young but this is definitely one of the best innovations we have seen this year. Introducing the LITELOK, the world’s lightest, and possible the best locking mechanism for your bike. Currently it is a Kickstarter project that was funded in the first day of release. Bicycles are getting lighter by the day but not a lot of advance was made with the security. The LITELOK weighs less than 1 kg and features a combination of Boaflexicore with a patented inline lock. It is flexible and easy to secure with a snap lock without the need for a key. The lock comes with two straps to easily attach it to your bike. You can also opt for the twin deal where you get two locks that work with one key for either double security or to double the length. Three colours are available namely herringbone, boa green and crow black.

Litelok 2

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