The Lone Star Edition Stand up Paddle Board Pays Tribute to Texas

Two Texas companies teamed up to create a beautiful paddleboard that recognises the more than 128,000 kilometres of pristine Texas waterways. Sharing an eagerness to take on new challenges, Austin-based Jarvis Boards and No. 4 St. James created the Lone Star Edition stand-up paddleboard.

lone star lack of paddle boards

The two companies were dismayed to discover that there was a lack of paddle boards that represented their home state. Even though the sport is popular in Texas, most paddleboards are made by west coast companies and celebrate things like dolphins and ocean waves. The creators set out to design a paddleboard that encourages even more people to explore the many lakes and rivers in the beautiful Lone Star state.

lone star draw a thin bar down

This limited-edition paddleboard is made from American fir, cherry and cedar. It prominently features the Lone Star. A contrasting wood stain was used to draw a thin bar down the middle of the board. When viewed with the lone star, the effect looks like the Texas flag. On the bottom of the board is the shape of Texas made out of major waterways. The natural arteries are located right at the edges.

Weighing in at just 13.6 kg thanks to a recycled foam core, this lightweight paddle board is surprisingly fast and stable. This stability makes it the ideal board for beginners.

lone star wood stain

Because this special-edition paddle board is handmade, it takes about five weeks for delivery—just enough time to work on conditioning before trying it out on the lake.

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