Looking Good with Handsome Cycles’ Corporate Fleet

Have you and your colleagues ever fancied yourselves as the latter-day BMX Bandits but without the regrettable 80s haircuts and with better rides? Or do your workplace #squadgoals extend to having matching company bicycles? Then the US-based Handsome Cycles have just the thing with their Corporate Fleet program.

Companies looking to make their staff more mobile and take advantage of Australia’s ever-improving bike-friendly culture need look no further. The bikes can be fully customised and branded however you see fit, whether that means the company logo or something more creative. Handsome Cycles will even provide ground-up design for those looking to give the Tour de France teams a run for their money.

handsome cycle corporate fleet body shape

As a way to improve company culture, reduce your carbon footprint or simply improve staff morale and health, the Corporate Fleet certainly looks a novel approach. There’s three models to choose from; the Devil, the She Devil and the Fredward, with prices starting at $US599 and discounts depending on the type and number of bikes.

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