Lumos Bicycle Helmet With Built in Lights

So you’ve taken a right turn to be healthier, maybe you just want to get off your feet and reduce your carbon footprint or maybe you just really like cycling. Whatever your reason may be Lumos Bicycle Helmet is at the forefront of cycling safety technology, and you most probably want one. It utilises lights on the helmet to create well-known road lingo. Using an attachable wireless remote on your handlebars you can easily indicate with flashing turn signals to safely move to your intended direction. It even has built in sensors that light up the helmet when braking. Not to mention the stagnant lights are perfect for night cycling, keeping you lit and noticeable when on the road. A quick half an hour charge leaves you perfectly safe for about a week and its water resistant capabilities are excellent for wetter weather. The Lumos Bicycle Helmet is the light of your life.

lumos bicycle helmet body shape

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