Machine Parts from the Past + Pure Futuristic Design = the Snoped

Picture, if you will, a dark, snow-covered landscape somewhere in the future. Cutting through the snowdrift like a knife is a luminous slab of blue light and the soothing roar of a 90cc engine. Suddenly a black, rectangular-shaped vehicle emerges from beneath the blanket of darkness, a confident rider at the helm. The vehicle slides across the snow with absolute speed and precision, flaunting a design so sleek and efficient that it looks futuristic even in the future. That vehicle is the Snoped from J.Ruiter.

pure futuristic design snow car

What’s ironic is that the Snoped was created using the leftover parts of a Chrysler 1980s “Sno-Runner”. But that’s just par for the course for Michigan-based “industrial designer” Joey Ruiter, who re-imagines past relics to achieve the next frontier of everything from furniture to transport vehicles. Starting with some vintage equipment and transforming it into an exceptionally light, jaw-droppingly slick vehicle that cruises across the snow with the grace of an Olympic skier is just another example of Ruiter’s sheer brilliance.

pure futuristic design snow car drive

The Snoped utilizes aluminum and composite plastic materials to achieve maximum lightness, and was designed with winter apparel brands like Ralph Lauren Black in mind. What really makes the Snoped stand out, however, is the preciously slim 6″ width–this thing truly does cut through the night like a blade. Paired with some skis at the bottom, a stunning blue light at the front, and race bike posture in the driver’s seat, the Snoped is pure style and pure function and it very well might change the snowmobile game for good. Once you see this baby in action, it just becomes too difficult to envision a future without it.

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