Mad Max Fury Road’s Four-Wheeled Machines by John Platt

When the fourth instalment of the Mad Max juggernaut was released, it defied the general expectation of sequels. It wasn’t a ploy to use the nostalgic appeal to get people in, the action was unprecedented to the first three films.

mad max juggernaut side

In 2015, it was labelled as one of the best action films made for its screenplay, action sequences and ensemble cast. Consequently, it topped Rotten Tomatoes’ ‘Top 100 Action & Adventure Movies list with a 97% score based on 359 reviews as of March 2017. It ended up raking in over $378 USD million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film in the Mad Max franchise.

mad max juggernaut old black car

One of the eye-catching aspects of the film were the cars; despite most of them being destroyed in filming. Photographer John Platt managed to capture most of these machines before they were let off the leash in the Namibian desert. Production designer, Colin Gibson brought 150 of these machines to life, where they were showcased in the greatest of detail.

mad max juggernaut front

From Imperator Furiosa’s War Rig, to the Doof Wagon and The Peacemaker, Mr Platt managed to get clear stills of each in incredible detail without being covered in Nambian dust and out of their dystopian landscape.

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mad max juggernaut wheels

mad max juggernaut bumper

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