Magnum MK5

magnum mk5 on the street

Owning a supercar without the need to drive it in secret, or in your backyard only? Well, Batman didn’t have that luck, but you do. With Magnum MK5 it’s finally possible, because this extremely powerful, lightweight supercar allows you to experience street-legal racecar driving. The cutting-edge design of Magnum MK5 aims to strike the right balance between a real supercar and a track-day car. Featuring an open cockpit with race-inspired carbon fiber seats, the car is powered by a 250 bhp 4-cylinder engine that propells the MK5 to the speed of 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. With a cargo area suitable for “two helments and a briefcase” this probably won’t be your regular ride to Walmart, but at least there IS any cargo area. $139,000

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