Make Your Own Getaway in the Riva Rivamere Speedboat

In the 2003 (excellent) re-make of The Italian Job, there’s a famous speedboat chase at the start that sees Jason Statham and Seth Green pursued by criminals through the tight canals of Venice, supposedly with a veritable pirate’s booty of gold ingots. The chase ends well, but the rest of the film is riddled with revenge-based crime and an arduous, embattled plot to recover their losses and reap their rewards (SPOILER ALERT:) having lost their fearless leader Donald Sutherland at the cruel hands of Edward Norton (if you haven’t seen it yet I’m sorry but you’ve had thirteen years.) The speedboat scene is one of the most famous chases in modern cinema and was almost impossible to film due to Venice’s strict speed laws.

riva rivamere speedboat front

Despite it being entirely fictional, I have a feeling that had Jason and Seth been behind the wheel of one of these, it would have ended differently, with the pair saying forget the ingots, we’ve got a Riva Rivamere Speedboat. Because with room for eight to lounge about in style, all the amenities of a regular yacht (galley, shower, living area) below deck and a powerful Volvo engine that’ll get you to 74 km/h, what more can you want? The sleek mahogany deck alone makes this one of the sexiest vessels afloat and whether you’re in charge of cracking the safe or driving the getaway car, you should do anything to put this on your post-heist wish list and cruise away with class.

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riva rivamere speedboat back