Maserati and Ferrari Become Besties – Maserati M-63 Hypercar Concept

This is sexy and it knows it. Developed by Andrea Ortile in Torina, Italy, this stunner was inspired by the iconic 1961 Maserati Tipo Birdcage and sits on a LaFerrari base. The trademark Maserati grille sits on the front bumper with the recently launched Alferi concept, the inspiration behind the sleek headlights and sloped grille. An intense carbon fiber diffuser sits in the rear that showcases its round boot and ultra-thin taillights.

side view of maserati m-63 hypercar concept

Mr Ortile kept on-lookers in the dark with the performance aspects, but I’m sure speed will be its speciality. Just think of Maserati and Ferrari becoming friends and joining forces. But performance aside, the M-63 Hypercar Concept sits top of the tree in Italian automobile design. It resembles the time when you saw that beautiful woman oozing elegance from a distance, but as you slowly walked closer to get a better look, you notice her feisty and edgy side.

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