McLaren’s 2019 BP23 Hyper-GT is Already Sold Out!

McLaren is painfully secretive about its upcoming Hyper-GT. Codenamed BP23, a sketch is all we have to go on, but the GT is expected to be the most powerful and aerodynamic vehicle McLaren has ever produced and it’s already sold out.

The BP23 is currently in development at McLaren Special Operations, the bespoke division responsible for designing the newest addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series. The BP23 codename is taken from the car being Special Operation’s second bespoke vehicle and it having three seats. BP23 owners will work with McLaren Special Operations to personalise colours, trim materials and several other options.

The BP23 is expected to go for somewhere in the range of $A3.28 million. The first 106 examples of BP23 are projected to be delivered in 2019. Let’s hope they build more.

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