Mellow brings Electric Skateboarding Without the Board

The recent high of electric skateboard manufacturing has brought many to cruise the pavements without having to move a leg muscle. Problem is, many of these new electric skateboard offer little customisation and flexibility to the skateboarders needs. Mellow changes all this with their new skateboard drive. Mellow has developed the first mountable electric skateboard drive that can change any deck into an electric skateboard as easy as changing trucks. Unlike other electric skateboards, everything is included in the back truck, meaning you don’t have to buy a whole new skateboard to enjoy it. This is all controlled by a small remote, allowing top speeds of 40km/hr. The drive has 4 modes: Rookie Ride, Eco Ride, Pro Ride, Endless Ride, so you it caters for all levels and types of riders. For safety, the Mellow drive has a dual braking system. It uses the regenerated braking power to recharge the battery, as well as an internal braking resistor. The batteries are also safe, using the same high quality cells used by Tesla. A BMS protects the board from overheating, deep discharges or unsafe high currents, so you don’t have to worry about your board being set on fire while you ride. It lasts up to 15 kilometres, and takes two hours to recharge. Whether you prefer an old-school, freestyle or longboard deck, the Mellow Skateboard Drive makes it possible to enjoy electric boarding, without having to buy a new board.

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mellow electric skateboarding riding

men sitting on the mellow skateboard

mellow skateboarding wheels

mellow skateboarding in the hand

mellow skateboarding backside

mellow skateboard men riding on the road