Mercedes Benz Release New AMG GT Roadster

With every new year comes a new wave of vehicles from each major manufacturer, and none come quite as close to giving the marketplace what they want (but probably can’t afford) than the good folk at Mercedes Benz, specifically their AMG division. This roadster here is no different to what they’re known for doing: that is taking a winning formula and tweaking it slightly to tick even more boxes. In this instance, the much-loved AMG GT and GT S models have had a haircut and now sport lovely black, beige or red fabric roofs that drop in 11-seconds, even if you’re driving at almost 50kph.

mercedes benz amg gt roadster rear

Other relevant figures are the 469 horses under the hood that’ll get you to 100 in 3.9 seconds, or to a top speed just north of 300kph, and the price tag that will roughly set you back a cool $320 000 AUD.

All Mercs are a bit like Michael Jordan in a pastel suit and bowler hat. They can step in and out-ball anybody else on the court if required, but don’t need to show off and look just as at home sitting on the sideline sipping a gin and tonic and minding their own business. The AMG GT Roadster is no different and is definitely the speed machine of choice for the guy (or gal) who loves to tear it up on the tarmac but not look like they belong in an Ed Hardy shirt in the process.

Check it out

mercedes benz amg gt roadster front