The Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive

27The iconic brand Mini was created by the British Motor Corporation’s Morris Division back in the late 1950s. The original car was tiny by today’s standards. It was designed to provide transportation to the masses in response to the fuel shortage that was triggered by the Suez Crisis. The minis have changed throughout the years and no longer resemble the Minis of the 50s.

mini remastered car front side

David Brown Automotive recently remastered the original Mini. Those that love the classic Mini will be quite impressed with his take on this iconic car. It was completely reengineered with a four-speed gearbox, updated suspension, brakes, drivetrain and chassis.

mini remastered car interior

The Mini Remastered is much more powerful than the original and comes with modern-day reliability. Due to the new drivetrain, the remastered version offers about 50 percent more power than the original.

mini remastered car monitor

Other enhancements include all-new body panels, LED lighting and aluminium grilles. The designers gave the remastered version a much softer exterior appearance than the original. Bespoke structural beams were added to increase the structural rigidity of this car.

mini remastered car seats leather

Although everything on the remastered Mini looks completely vintage thanks to retro dials, subdued hues and sculpted seats, the remastered version features the best of today’s technology. One example of the technology in the restored Mini is the digital display that can mirror your smartphone.

mini remastered car steering

In addition to the basic trim, there will be two special edition versions of the remastered Mini. One version was modelled after a Monte Carlo and the other a Café Racer. Each will have accessory, interior and exterior enhancements.

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