Motorcycle Mods with Urban Motor – Jawa Spring Motorcycle

Rules are meant to be broken. Urban Motor definitely went with that with this design. Urban Motor will be entering the annual Glemseck 101, a celebration of custom motorcycles with this crazy work of art.


The full metal bodywork holds a 350cc two-stroke engine within it’s super slim profile that sits on top of thin 23-inch rims. The grips are made of leather and the forks and swingarm are painted in matte gold. The Jawa isn’t made for the speed machines, but for those that appreciate motorcycle design as an art form that is completely custom made in every aspect.


It won’t win Glemseck’s inaugural Essenza sprint, but for all of the unique designs in the world, this definitely takes the cake. Unusual. Uncanny. Unorthodox. Unconventional. It’s unlike any other.