Striptease: The 2018 Indian Scout Bobber

The stripped down motorcycle seems to be all the rage these days and that is clearly the case with this beast of a bike the Indian Scout Bobber from Indian Motorcycles. Featuring a slammed stance and chopped fenders, the Scout Bobber has no frills but a lot of attitude with a 100 horsepower in a 69 inch liquid cooled V-twin engine. It’s a lot of power in a stripped-down bike and is perfect for someone who wants a reliable ride that can go when it needs to and cruise when it doesn’t.

2018 indian scout bobber motorcycle front

And as much unnecessary substance that has been taken away from the Indian Scout Bobber, the more style has been added. The front and passenger seat is premium quality leather that will actually look better over time as it is sat on and exposed to the elements. The slip on exhaust not only looks beautiful to the outside observers but also gives the bike a better sound as it rumbles down the road, allowing the engine to breath more freely every time you accelerate. These bikes even come with a cargo-lined, weather resistant leather saddlebag, to store the necessary valuables you need with you on the road.

2018 indian scout bobber motorcycle engine

It’s like that favorite shirt that has reliably lasted forever, except a motorcycle. That’s the Indian Scout Bobber.

Check it out

2018 indian scout bobber motorcycle seat

2018 indian scout bobber motorcycle headlight

2018 indian scout bobber motorcycle silencer

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