The Æon Motorcycle Is the Result of Two Worlds Colliding

Dutch watchmaker TW Steel has ongoing collaborations with different custom motorcycle builders for their Son of Time project. TW Steel chief designer Ton Cobelens works side-by-side with various bike builders to create a custom motorcycle and watch. The design of both the motorcycle and the timepiece is intertwined into one story called The Son of Time.

aeon motorcycle top

TW Steel’s newest collaboration is with German motorcycle builder Diamond Atelier. The latest release is the Æon Motorcycle and watch. The bike is based on a stripped down XSR 900. Diamond Atelier incorporated lots of timepiece-inspired design elements into the bike, including graphics surrounding the gas cap that were inspired by a watch face. Another cool watch inspired element is the cutaway gas tank.

aeon motorcycle design

Other features of the custom motorcycle include a lowered inverted fork, SC-Projects exhaust system, ABM steel braided brake lines and clip-on handlebars, Wilbers rear shocks, custom Gilles rearset footpegs and controls and bar end-mounted front turn signals.

The bike is not suited for daily use as it lacks a headlight, only has a gas tank capacity of under a gallon and rides on super slick Pirelli tires. But, that is not why we want this bike. We want it because it is one gorgeous machine.

aeon motorcycle engine fitting

The matching watch was a standard Maverick 48mm chronograph that was transformed to match the bike. It features a black colour scheme to complement the Aeon custom bike. The case is black with a grey dial and black numbers. The fine Italian leather strap has black stitching. The minimalist design of the watch is a perfect match to the Æon Motorcycle.

Check it out

aeon motorcycle silencer

aeon motorcycle body fitting

aeon motorcycle side

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