Alpinestars’ Tech Air 5 Body Airbag System Keeps Riders Safe

So here’s a question, why are cars the only vehicles to offer airbags? The safety feature saves lives, and it just seems like they should be available for other vehicles, too, like, say, motorcycles. Fortunately, Alpinestars agrees, and they’ve come up with an airbag system for motorcycles riders—the Tech Air 5 Body Airbag System.

Tech Air 5 Body Airbag System front

Obviously you can’t really equip a motorcycle with an airbag, so Alpinestars took a different approach, equipping the rider with airbags instead. The Tech 5 system is an autonomous airbag system that fits under virtually any jacket. This new update—Alpinestars previously launched a version in 2014, but it only worked with their jackets—makes the system available to all riders. The system is self-contained and electronic. Using six integrates sensors, three gyroscopes and three accelerometers, it gathers data which it feeds into a crash algorithm. Should the AI detect a crash, it instantly deploys the airbags. Two argon gas canisters inflate the airbags in just 40 ms. The bags are designed to protect the areas that are most commonly affected in a motorcycle crash, specifically the rider’s shoulders, chest, ribs, and the entire back.

The Tech Air 5 zips on and closes with a magnetic flap. The system also connects with the Tech-Air app via Bluetooth, allowing you to check on the status of the system. You can also use the integrated LED display to see if the system is up and running. The lithium-ion battery offers 30 hours of riding before needing to be recharged, which is done through a magnetic micro-USB charger. A note of warning, however, is that the system isn’t approved for off-roading. It’s meant only for on the road or the track use, though Alpinestars is working on a system for the more adventurous riders as well. If you’re looking for a bit more safety for your ride, you can get the Tech Air 5 Body Airbag System from Alpinestars’ web site for $699.95.

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