Arc Advances Electric Rides with their Vector Café Racer

Electric motors are the future, and with companies like Arc putting out their Vector electric café racer, that future is fast coming.

Vector is a powerhouse ride. Like so many electric motors, it has a lot of torque and power. It has an effective range of up to 170 miles per charge. Zero to 60 comes in only 2.7 seconds, with an electronically limited top speed of 150 miles per hour. It also has programmable riding modes—all pretty common fare for an electric vehicle.

front view vector cafe racer

What sets Vector apart, however, is that it’s not just an electric motorcycle. Instead, it’s more of an electric package. The motorcycle itself features onboard WiFi and has voice control. Arc’s greatest innovation is what they are calling Human Machine Interface.

The bike comes with a smart helmet that is equipped with an onboard HUD, similar to what fighter pilots wear. The display shows you what you would typically see in an instrument cluster: speedometer, RPM, and other readouts. Then there’s also the haptic body armor that literally vibrates to physically alert you about hazards on the road. By sending vibrations to different areas of your torso, the bike gives you advance warning of what it is sensing.

top view vector cafe racer bike

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming a reality, and Arc is already pushing the envelope with exciting new technology.

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headlight electric cafe racer bike

seat cafe racer electric bike

electric cafe racer bike indicator

wheel view cafe bike

side view cafe racer bike