Arch Expands its Offering with the Method 143

The Arch Method 143 is taking the motorcycle company beyond the cruiser market. Even though the Method 143 will be limited to just 23 units, the introduction of the bike clearly shows that the company intends to expand its range of models. That expansion seems to indicate a promising future.

arch method 143 motorcycle feature

The Method 143 uses a carbon fiber monocell chassis with an integrated fuel cell, giving the bike a sleek, fast look. The aluminum sub-chassis is CNC machined, as is the single-sided billet swing arm. Arch also employed its proprietary Ohlins FRGT fork and shock for the suspension. The exhaust is fully titanium, with carbon fiber on the muffler cans to maximize performance and to give it a unique sound. You can track performance on the Arch mobile phone instrumentation display. Arch also deigned the BST carbon fiber turbine wheels.

arch method 143 motorcycle seat

The engine promises plenty of power as well. The Method 143 runs on a 143ci/2343cc V-twin S&S engine that has a 45-degree downdraft fuel injection.

arch method 143 motorcycle engine view

The bike is art in motion. For the main part, the Method 143 is black and gray, making red highlights pop. Additionally, the use of both gloss and matte finishes provide a futuristic quality to the bike’s look. The monocell design makes the bike flow and seem more cohesive, versus other bikes that seem to be chopped up parts blended together into one machine. The Method 143 is an impressive bike. If this is what we can expect from Arch, then we won’t be disappointed.

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arch method 143 motorcycle speed

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