arch method 143 motorcycle released

The ARCH Method 143 Motorcycle ss a Crotch Rocket that Looks Like One

When you see the Arch Method 143 Motorcycle, it looks like a jet turbine with a seat attached to it. The bike has an aggressive stance to it that speaks of its power and speed. Colored in silver, red, and black, it looks advanced and even has an almost military feel to it—is if it were the new class of fighter-jet motorcycle.

ARCH motorcycle focuses refining motorcycles and draws its inspiration from California’s twisting Santa Monica Mountains. The Method 143’s name comes from its 143 cubic inch, 2343cc engine. The 143 is ARCH’s first concept production motorcycle. They haven’t spared any investment into this bike. The aluminum parts are machined on a CNC, and use of carbon fiber is prolific. In fact, the mono-cell chassis is carbon fiber. Production is limited to only 23 units.

The bike features qualities that are specific to ARCH and to the Method 143, such as a proprietary front fork and headlight design. From exhaust to wheels, Method 143 is a crotchrocket that has the look of being an actual rocket. So, if you’re ready to strap yourself to a jet turbine, then you’ll want to take a look at what ARCH has come up with.

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