Austrian for Harley-Davidson? It’s the XG Street 750 from NCT Motorcycles

Harley Davidson is a brand that’s as American as Coca-Cola, Ford, Budweiser and NASCAR, though motorcycle lovers the world over have decided to construct their own takes on the classic bike, exploring how other designs and influences adapt and change this classic and reliable American motorcycle. One of the most notable takes we’ve seen to date is this Harley-Davidson XG Street 750 by NCT Motorcycles; an Austrian outfit with a keen eye for structure and design of their bikes.

xg street 750 from nct motorcycle back

With clear respect to Harley-Davidson, NCT decided to leave the most important parts of the bike intact; that being the original engine, wheels, suspension and brakes. This is all pure, uncut Harley. The rest, however, is where NCT Motorcycles’ mastery comes into play. The custom overhaul includes a handmade tank, tail section, front fender and covers in a eye-catching turquoise that add a sleeker style reminiscent of an artistically designed Japanese street bike. With new turn signals from Kellerman, the handlebars are trimmer and the exhaust pipe is shorter, making their XG Street 750 a lean, modern and mean compact little beast on the road.

xg street 750 from nct motorcycle engine

Clearly the Austrian take on the Harley is fast and fierce, making one wonder what other unique creations would be adapted from the Harley-Davidson design around the world by other enthusiastic mechanics.

Check it out

xg street 750 from nct motorcycle back side

xg street 750 from nct motorcycle on stand

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