Auto Fabrica Type 11 Bike Looks to Discover What Motorcycles Are Meant to Be

Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 Bike demonstrates what can be accomplished when we abandon modern, technology-based building and return to hand fabrication. The Type 11 Bike was created in a three-step process, each with its own bike being built. Auto Fabrica’s reputation for stretching the bounds of style and coach building comes through in the approach and design of Type 11.

fabrica type 11 motorcycle outlook

The first two bikes were built on a Yamaha 900cc Triple platform; the third on a Yamaha 750cc Triple. Prototype 1 started out in 2D sketches before jumping into CAD design and engineering. The bike was race and track focused, with the proportions and aesthetics to match. Prototype 2 was more of the road-going version, and is offered in a limited number, with each bike being built to order. Finally, Prototype 3 enjoyed more of the hands on approach, with its body and structure being hand made from aluminum with all the mechanicals of classic motorcycles.

fabrica type 11 motorcycle fuel tank

The original vision of the bikes was to explore what motorcycles should be, rather than what they have always been. In that way, you can see that Auto Fabrica approached these builds with flow in mind. The bikes have an organic, natural feel to them. The swooping lines mimic the countryside. The Yamaha platforms have plenty to offer in terms of speed and performance. Auto Fabrica has again stretched the boundaries to bring to life a new breed of motorcycle.

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