BigRep Gives Us the World’s First 3D Printed e-Motorbike

BigRep just brought a first to the world—the Nera E-Bike. No, it’s not the “E” that’s a first on this bike. This electric motorcycle is the first fully 3D printed motorbike—everything except the motor and the battery were 3D printed. BigRep is the leader in large-scale industrial 3D printing, so big projects aren’t anything new to the company. It also means that they have the printer to put together a project like Nera (this isn’t something you’ll be printing on your desktop 3D printer).

nera printed bicycle front

Created by BigRep’s in-house innovation division NOWlab, which is helmed by Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak, Nera features several advanced ideas, including airless tires, forkless steering, and embedded electronics. The bike also features rhomboid wheel rims and flexible bumpers, which replace the traditional suspension. Additionally, the bike has embedded sensor technology. As Daniel Buning, Co-founder and Managing Director of NOWlab, puts it, “This bike and our other protorypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape am technology as we know it.”

printed bike back view

The bike is only being launched as a prototype for now, but it does herald a potential direction for the automotive industry. Several companies have been looking into the possibility of producing vehicles via 3D printing. Given BigRep’s position in the industrial printing market, it makes sense for them to explore this option as well.

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